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Unleash your your naughty bedroom talk with these tips!

Nope. Dirty talk is not about using vulgar language or profanities. It's also not just a form of foreplay before getting down and burning the sheets with your partner. It's not only an erotic form of role play as the furnace of passion burns at the highest degree while you're delirious with desire. When done right, dirty talk is a mighty potent aphrodisiac. Combined with some languid, well-placed thrusts, it's a force to be reckoned with, powerful enough to launch you into a lusty finish that seems to last forever, tearing through your body, taking no prisoners, and leaving pleasure in its wake. Confidence is key Feeling unsure of yourself or acting awkward will definitely defeat the purpose. The art of dirty talk is in delivering with confidence and letting the moment drive you. If you’re sure of yourself, then that will translate to your partner and will arouse them for sure. Tantalize your partner by informing them of exactly what you’re going to do and how you’re g

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